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VHYP Nieuwsflits Najaar 2019

Woordje van de voorzitter

Het nieuwe academiejaar is opnieuw gestart en binnen VHYP loopt er opnieuw een Basisopleiding waaraan bijna twintig nieuwe leden deelnemen. Op 27 september startte de opleiding Hypnotische Communicatie in Medische Settings (HCiMS) met 20 deelnemers. Tijdens het najaar zijn er enkele interessante voortgezette modules gepland – hypnose bij functionele buikklachten, dissociatief trauma, psychosomatiek/immunologie en een workshop mind-brain-body – en in het voorjaar 2020 (SAVE THE DATE) hebben we alvast op 21 februari een studiedag met een internationale spreker van formaat: Dr. Camillo Loriedo.


Dit najaar kondigt zich dus erg boeiend aan en in 2020 willen we uitpakken met enkele nieuwigheden zoals voortgezette modules voor het omgaan met rouw, bij rookstop, topprestaties in de sport, hypnose en oncologie, enz.

Met deze nieuwsflits willen we u op de hoogte brengen van het internationale nieuws vanwege de European Society for Hypnosis (ESH) en de International Society for Hypnosis (ISH). Wie kunnen we hiervoor beter aan het woord laten dan Dr. Nicole Ruysschaert.

Tenslotte wil ik ook een zeer dringende oproep doen voor nieuwe bestuursleden (penningmeester, inhoudelijk verantwoordelijke voor de VHYP sociale media, enz.). Onze vereniging is dynamisch en financieel gezond, maar momenteel kunnen we met slechts vier overblijvende bestuursleden de draaglast van de vereniging amper aan.

Ik wil er dan ook graag op wijzen dat (kandidaat) bestuursleden die nog niet volledig klaar zijn met hun vorming de verdere noodzakelijke opleidingsmodules en supervisie gratis krijgen. Ik hoop talrijke reacties te mogen ontvangen op dit interessante aanbod.

Met hypnotische groet,

Erik de Soir

International News september 2019


Bridging past, present and future….

East and West…

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the world of hypnosis outside Flanders and give you some ideas about what happens in the world and to invite you to attend European and International hypnosis activities!

- Nicole Ruysschaert. Past-President VHYP, Public Relations VHYP.


The European Society of Hypnosis – ESH – is a confederation of national societies and counts 44 constituent societies all over Europe.
VHYP is a CS or Constituent Society of ESH. 2 VHYP delegates – Dr Tania Mahler and Dr Nicole Ruysschaert represent VHYP in the council of representatives of ESH.




During the hypnotic state mind and body are linked and interact. Advances in the neurosciences explore the relationship between brain and body and answer our questions: What happens during therapy? What new options can be developed from these discoveries? What makes hypnotherapy work?

During the ESH Congress in Basel, the presenters will share with you during conferences and workshops their methods and their know-how in English, German or French, which will certainly contribute to develop your own creativity. Whether by the consolidation of your own methods or the acquisition of new approaches, your patients will benefit from your participation.


Contribute to the Congress! We invite you to send us an abstract of an oral presentation, a workshop or a poster in one of the three Congress languages: English, German or French. You may also submit a whole session with several sub-presentations. The deadline for abstract submission ends on October 31, 2019.
Early bird registration till 2020, April 12th.
As VHYP member you benefit the member’s rate. More information https://www.esh2020.ch/frontend/index.php
If you’d like to learn about what happens at congresses, you can read the ESH Newsletter, entirely dedicated at the 2017 ESH Congress in Manchester. http://esh-hypnosis.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/ESH-Newsletter-2017-3.pdf

Why attend THE ESH congress?

3 good reasons why it is important to attend the ESH Congress in Basel?
As past president of the ESH, I was asked to tell ESH newsletter readers why attending this ESH congress is recommended.

Dr. Nicole Ruysschaert (ESH Board of Directors 2002 – 2017 -   ESH President 2014-2017


Meeting with an international faculty and participants from all over europe and from the rest of the world with 3 official congress languages!

Working with hypnosis in your own country, it is helpful and inspiring to have similar minded colleagues around you can meet at training sessions, intervision and supervision groups, to attend local congresses and boost sessions with trainers from other societies and countries.
But there is more!!! As a local society in your country, you can also belong to an international society- ESH has 41 societies in 20 countries throughout Europe! Attending an ESH congress you will have the opportunity to meet an international faculty, members of one of the ESH community and also of the ISH or international society. Every 3 years ESH organizes a congress the past 4 were ….2008 Vienna - 2011 Istanbul - 2014 Sorrento – 2017 Manchester and now, upcoming 2020 Basel! A great opportunity to resume connections or learn to know new colleagues and make friends! To get the most out of the congresses you can attend lectures and workshops in 3 different languages – English – French and German!


Up-to-date information from the research and clinical field

The theme of the congress “Building Bridges and Travelling Crossroads” is particularly inspiring in current times where networking is so important and the field of research and the field of clinical work need to inspire each other. At this crossroad the science of psychotherapy, neuroscience, neuro-psychotherapy, and brain research inspire many researchers and clinicians. You get up-to-date information on knowledge about what happens in the brain in hypnosis like in pain control, psychotherapy, anxiety management and mind-body interactions and processes.


A unique friendly and warm atmosphere to energize your daily work

The atmosphere at our ESH congresses is warm, friendly and very inspiring! There is time and place for informal interactions and a social program, ESH congress are famous for this special culture of openness. In our growing community with specific practices and some cultural differences you discover new ideas and approaches to integrate in your own clinical or research practice. You come back from the congress newly inspired and energized to continue the endeavor of your daily work!

ESH Newsletter

The time is now!
You can download the brand new issue of the ESH Newsletter September 2019 here: http://esh-hypnosis.eu/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/ESHNSL2019September.pdf

Lots of stories, interviews and articles to explore news in the world of medical, clinical and scientific hypnosis. The newsletter is a way to connect people, members, societies, present and past.

You can read congress reviews, book reviews, interviews with important people in the field. There is a scientific corner highlighting recent developments in research. You find a calendar of upcoming congresses.

Earlier newsletters are all uploaded on the website. http://esh-hypnosis.eu/downloads/


2019 HNG – Hypnosis New Generation Congress and Meeting of the Board of Directors of ISH

We had an onsite meeting of the ISH Board of Directors, 2019, May 28-29.  

Board of directors members are from left to right: Brian Allen (Australia) – Mark Jensen, President-elect (USA). Krys Klays (Poland) – Giuseppe De Benedettis (Italy) – Woltemade Hartman (South Afrika) and Camillo Loriedo, Former President (Italy),

Sitting in Front: Kata Varga (Hungary) Cecelia Fabre (Mexico) Bernhard Trenkle, President (Germany) Nicole Ruysschaert (Belgium), Enayat Shahidi (Iran) 

Meeting room for 2 days intensive onsite meeting. In between this onsite meetings, different committees give the best of themselves to work on many projects and meet regularly in skype meetings.

September issue of the ISH Newsletter is about to be published.

Previous ISH Newletter’ issues can be downloaded from ISH website:


2021 ISH congress Cracow Poland – 10-13th June

We are very pleased to invite you to the XXII WORLD CONGRESS OF MEDICAL AND CLINICAL HYPNOSIS organized by the Polski Instytut Ericksonowski and the International Society of Hypnosis (ISH).

The congress will take place in Krakow, Poland on 10 -13th of June, 2021. It will be a great opportunity to bring together professionals and share knowledge and experience between qualified people who use hypnosis worldwide!

Cracow is one of the best recognizable cities in this part of Europe, visited by about 13 million visitors annually. They are attracted by beautiful landscapes of the city, attractive streets, squares and the largest historical complex in Poland, unique on global scale.
This city has an excellent accessibility – it is placed in the middle of Europe (~1500 km from Paris, ~ km from Moscow). There is an airport just 12 km west of the cetre, a recently modernised train and bus station on the edge of the Old Town. Cracow has a very broad range of accommodation types: from 5-stars luxury hotels to the budget hostels.

The venue will be Auditorium Maximum, the conference center of the Jagiellonian University – the oldest higher education institution in Poland and one of the oldest in Europe.

Early bird registration: you can register now and benefit the very early bird rate of only 295 € to attend 4 days of congress! And you don’t have to pay yet but will benefit the special rate and pay later! If you have any questions, please contact us on


Thank you for reading and your feedback!

If you have any questions about international hypnosis activities and congresses, you can contact me directly at

Dr. Nicole Ruysschaert – Psychiatrist – trainer & supervisor hypnosis- Past-President ESH and VHYP- Board of Directors ISH- Public Relations VHYP- www.nicoleruysschaert.com