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Coronavirus (covid-19): Hypnosis resources for people and colleagues in difficult times

News from ISH international society of hypnosis

Coronavirus (covid-19): Hypnosis resources for people and colleagues in difficult times.

In het Nederlands kan je 2 audio-opnames vinden voor je patiënten
Eerste hulp bij hospitalisatie - 2 audio-opnames voor gehospitaliseerde patiënten

  • stressreductie bij patiënten
  • begeleiding van patiënten met covid 19

De audio-opnames voor patiënten zijn te luisteren via deze link.

Veerkracht bij artsen en hulpverleners audio opnames

In het Nederlands zijn er 2 audio-opnames voor de hulpverleners:

  • veerkracht en weerbaarheid artsen zorgverleners
  • recuperatie oefening artsen zorgverleners

De audio-opnames voor hulpverleners zijn te luisteren via deze link

Verder deelt het ganse internationaal team van ISH ervaring in verschillende talen:
Resources in different languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Nederlands, Spanish

ISH Newsletter March 2020

With a main Interview introducing Xin Fang Director and Supervisor of Center for Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy at Peking University and how she and her team werevery active in handling the situation in China in relation to the Corona Virus: supporting not only the patients, but the professionals as well.
An excellent and detailed report of the 1st Asian Congress of Hypnosis by Nicole Ruysschaert. The text, just like the photos, leave no doubt that this was a historic event both for the country and for hypnosis. A new continent joined as organizer of a big international event on hypnosis: and immediately with great success: 1000+ participant from 25 countries! The meeting was nominally co-sponsored by ISH, and many members participated and presented at the conference. Two young students, Alexandra Pajer and Monika Tolnai reviewed some papers on the potential usage of hypnosis for the management of back pain and to support spine surgery. Also on page 46 a report under the topic news from societies on the New Year’s lecture and lunch at vhyp. And much more to read
Follow this link: https://www.ishhypnosis.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/ISH-202003.pdf

News from ESH European Society of Hypnosis

March newsletter from ESH plenty of interviews with experts and with different societies.

Click here to read the newsletter.

- Nicole Ruysschaert